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[Art/Spirituality] Lina Iris Viktor

A futuristic Liberian-British conceptual artist exploring the themes of "natural laws, hermetic philosophies, mathematic & scientific principles, seeking to bestow a divine order to all around her".

This London-New York based multi-disciplined artist works with the ancient technique of gilding 24-karat gold to create dark canvases embedded with “layers of light” in the form of symbols and intricate patterns. Her practice spans painting, sculpture, photography, performance, and installation.

There is a sensation of the mystical and spiritual in the mesmerising paintings of Lina Iris Viktor. Raised in London to Liberian parents her art "addresses the infinite and the finite, immortality and mortality, the microcosm and macrocosm, in addition to the socio-political and historical preconceptions surrounding ‘blackness’ and its universal implications."

Explore a selection of her work in the slideshow below ~

https://www.linaviktor.com/ ~ Check out her official website for more!