• Denholm Hewlett

[Art/Culture] Mariano Chavez Sculpture - 'The Long Dream'

Psychic Garden are proud to announce that our resident creative Mariano Chavez is now featuring his work in a new exhibition.

‘The Long Dream’ is a new exhibition opening from November 7th through January 17th at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. We are thrilled to announce that Mariano Chavez (Teeth Agency) is featuring twelve of his incredible wasp head sculptures in the exhibition, all made from shredded snake skin, wasp paper, bees wax and honeycomb.


‘The landscape of West Texas would like to kill you. Everything that walks, crawls, or flies is perpetually hungry. The land itself is barren scrub yet teeming life--snakes, scorpions, lizards, assorted cacti, indian paintbrushes, buzzards and Coyotes; human, and the other kind--would like to eat your ass off."

"This is the same landscape of Cormac McCarthy's dark and nihlistic 'No Country for old Men'-- a pitch-black expanse of dirt that produces great Music, great Art, and the blackest of humors. It is life and death. Eat or be eaten. Where standing upright on this side of the dirt is, at times, triumph enough...."

"...When I look at Mariano Chavez' new body of work -- there is an instinct to laugh and be horrified at the same time -- The Hair-raising new Masks made from shedded snakeskin are at once a 'momento mori' as well as a warning--cultural and spiritual--past these faces lie the truth of all things. We will have a last meal. A last sunset. A last favorite song. A last slow dance. We are all headed for the other side of the dirt." ~ Tony Fitzpatrick (excerpt from This Side of the Dirt - Mortality, The Border, and the devouring landscape)

Teeth Agency will also be screening ‘PEPPA’ on MCA’s online platforms for the duration of the show / The video was directed by Psychic Garden co-founder Denholm Hewlett / ‘PEPPA’ is one part of their experimental Ugandan audiovisual project Metal Preyers on Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Read the full article on Peppa:https://www.the-psychic-garden.com/post/music-art-metal-preyers-peppa-music-video

~ Psychic Garden