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[Music/Art] Metal Preyers - The Caller (Music Video)

A hypnotic East-African low-fi horror experience, filmed in the buzzing jungles and burned ruins of Gulu, Northern Uganda.

Psychic Garden presents "The Caller", the second music video from Metal Preyers - A transatlantic audiovisual collaboration between UK musician/producer Jesse Hackett (Owiny Sigoma/Ennanga Vision), Chicago-based visual artist Mariano Chavez, Ugandan Acholitronix singing pioneer Otim Alpha, London-based sound system producer Lord Tusk and the East-African music label Nyege Nyege Tapes.

Otim Alpha as "The Caller" / Gulu Easy Rider

"A lonely Acholi warrior, searches for solace and sanctuary in the dead of night, amidst the buzzing moonlit junk of a burning war. An ancient reptilian ghost, the snake demon mistress, haunts the Acholi warrior from beyond the shadow realm, invading his weary mind with disturbing hallucinations and intensifying inferno nightmares as she attempts to suffocate and steal his soul and drag him deep into the underworld." ~ Director's statement

The video was filmed and edited by resident creative Denholm Hewlett and stars Otim Alpha as "The Caller". The footage of the Snake "Ghost" was captured by Jesse Hackett and Nyege Nyege founder Derek Debru. The 6 foot costume made of translucent snake shed skin was designed by Mariano Chavez over several years and was the main visual aid and companion whilst Hackett recorded the LP in Kampala, Uganda last year.

The Metal Preyers project was six epic weeks of musical creation, art making, directing night shoots, and gin fuelled hell rides into the Kampala night world, all based around the Nyege Nyege Tapes HQ and artist residency. Hackett had always dreamt of making an industrial / ambient themed film sound track to accompany Mariano’s collection of striking visuals and paired it together with Lord Tusk's tough and ingenious sound system sensibilities. Featuring an all-star cast of Ugandan musicians including Electro Acholi star Otim Alpha, multi instrumentalist Lawrence Okello and drummer Omutaba. The album fluctuates between slow chopped screwed slabs of sound, fast paced to oozing sludge. The Metal Preyers LP soundtrack travels between syncopation's with a cut and paste type feel that nods to DIY African cassette tape post punk-ism era and machine-esqe drone ambience.

Snake spit defenders , slither drippers , screwed metallic preyers , helicopter drums , pulsing incinerator sounds.’

Otim Alpha as "The Caller" on streets of Gulu

The video was filmed guerrilla DIY style in the jungled ruins of Otim Alpha's former family home, which was burned down and destroyed several years ago by a gang of unknown arsonists. Otim has a dream to someday transform his ruined estate into an Acholi school of traditional arts, to preserve his tribe's musical, artistic and cultural heritage and pass it on to the next generation. He wants to transform his land into a home where wise elders can teach the youth about their tribe's history, how to dance the larakaraka, cook traditional acholi foods, and learn how to play various traditional instruments (Adungu harp, Fiddle, Callabash drums).

Otim Alpha's former home / The main location for "The Caller" video shoot

Check the link below to hear the entire Metal Preyers record.


~ Psychic Garden

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