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[Art] Teeth Agency x Bill Hackett

Psychic Garden are proud to announce that our resident creatives Teeth Agency have collaborated with artist Bill Hackett on something very special.

David Courts and Bill Hackett, a couple of school friends, while attending The Royal College of Art in London, found that they shared similar interests in the bizarre and occult, and in 1975 they founded Courts and Hackett. 

Bill Hackett in his Workshop (2020)
Bill Hackett Sculptures (2020)

Courts and Hackett’s art grew from their unorthodox mutual interests and the collaboration quickly took off. Their work has permeated many facets of the art world. Ranging from music (Keith Richards has been wearing a Courts and Hackett skull ring for decades) to having work in permanent collections: Victoria and Albert Museum, and Goldsmiths Hall London, to name a few.

Bill Hackett has also been paralleling his jewellery art craft with his unique sculptures. He has been working in wood, stone and metal. His sculptures are always surprising creations and seem to come from the subconscious. Demons and anthropomorphic figures dominate his relentless pursuit.


Jesse has collaborated with Bill on numerous occasions creating Teeth Agency rings along with an earlier version of the teeth pendant. This latest design, Teeth Agency is pleased to have collaborated once more with Bill Hackett to produce this sterling silver teeth pendant. This unique and detailed pendant comes with a 22” sterling silver trace chain and is now available on their official website ~ www.teethagency.com/home.html