• Denholm Hewlett

[Music/Art] TEETH AGENCY (Documentary)

Journey into the mysterious and enigmatic audiovisual universe of Teeth Agency; the eclectic transatlantic collaborative project of London based musician Jesse Hackett and Chicago based visual artist Mariano Chavez.

This new short documentary was directed, filmed, and edited by resident creatives Denholm Hewlett and Mariano Chavez in collaboration with FACT Magazine and Stones Throw Records.

Released as the latest instalment in FACT's Artists DIY video series, this immersive film explores the unorthodox origins and creations of Teeth Agency; featuring exclusive live performances and in-depth interviews with the two mavericks behind the multidisciplinary project, established through a mutual fascination for bizarre objects, artefacts, sculptures, music and art, the macabre and the unknown, the shadow realms of creativity and beyond.

This documentary showcases everything Hackett and Chavez have achieved in the last three years since the inception of Teeth Agency. From their music-book-art-objects, Outhouse, The Lizards Garden and Chucky's Terror Vision, to their acclaimed dystopian African soundtrack Metal Preyers on Nyege Nyege Tapes with Lord Tusk and Otim Alpha, to this year's double album release on Stones Throw, You Don't Have to Live in Pain.

Stay tuned for more upcoming releases from the enigmatic duo later this year, including two full length albums that are currently in the works.

Check out some of our favourite videos from Teeth Agency ~