[Music/Film] Alex Zhang Hungtai

Taiwanese born musician also known as Dirty Beaches & Last Lizard.

From ambient piano to dark low-fi electronica and free form jazz saxophone, throughout his career the musician has continuously pushed the boundaries with the versatility and experimental nature of his music over 15 years.

Now residing in Los Angeles the musician has featured in a series of short art films and continues to explore the experimental realms of his music without the limits of genre. His expansive catalogue is always thought provoking, from the artwork itself to the otherworldly feeling experienced whilst listening. He once stated "I don't really have a place where I can say I was born and raised. For me, home is a collage of all these different fractured landscapes that I try to piece together". Perhaps this may explain his impressive ability to express himself in many forms.

He featured in the re-boot of David Lynch's Twin Peaks in a band called 'Trouble' that also included Riley Lynch, son of the famous artist and director.

Badlands (2011) and Drifters / Love Is The Devil (2013) are truly timeless albums, featuring a striking mixture of electrifying rockabilly, atmospheric electronica and low-fi soundscapes which make the songs feel like you've uncovered some long-lost radio transmissions that echo the pains of previous bygone eras. There is certainly a sense of adaptability, transformation and reflection in Alex Zhang Hungtai's work, finely balanced with the eclectic chaos of life and the endless artistic pursuit of the nomadic musician.

We had the pleasure of seeing Alex performing live at Cafe Otto in London for an intimate candle lit jazz cafe setting, taking the venue on a transcendental experience through the course of the evening as he appeared in trance playing the Saxophone or singing into the reverberating microphone. Speaking with him after the show we confessed it was a profoundly moving experience almost at times bordering on a hallucinogenic trip - he thanked us and lit his cigarette.

~ Here's a short video of the show by resident creative Denholm Hewlett ~

Check out a collection of his incredible music and short films below ~


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