[Music] All Them Witches

From Nashville, Tennessee - we present to you the new kings of 'psych-rock'.

In 2015 I was in my first year of art school in London and came across an album called 'Our Mother Electricity' deep in a rabbit hole of youtube suggested videos. I thought it was genius then, even more so now.

Around that time I had my first infamous psychedelic baptism into Pink Floyd and had been rediscovering Black Sabbath, but the sensation of hearing All Them Witches for the first time was equally monumental to blowing my mind.

At first I was caught by their spellbinding album artwork, but as soon as I pressed play I realised I had discovered greatness. Five years and four albums later - ask me who my favourite band is and there's only one answer.

Whether it's the blend of folk, blues, grunge, rock and psychadelia, the immense voice and mystical lyrics of lead singer Charles Michael Parks Jr., or the instrumental wizardy on drums and guitar by Robby Staebler and Ben McLeod - this band consistently blows my mind, every single time.

Check out a selection of their music videos below ~


- Psychic Garden

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