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The masterminds behind Metal Preyers (Jesse Hackett, Lord Tusk, Mariano Chavez) return with a new immersive audio visual live experience, "Terror Vision"; A 35 minute AV mix of hypnotising tracks from the debut album paired with brand new unreleased music for Nyege Nyege Festival.

We spoke with Jesse Hackett and Mariano Chavez about Terror Vision and their upcoming projects...

Where did the inspiration for Terror Vision stem from?

"We wanted to create a 30-40 minute AV show that could be projected during the Metal Preyers live shows that we were planning last year. I was trying to find a way to present the music in a semi-live capacity, leading me to toy around with the idea of developing the show as an audiovisual live installation that could be played as part of a DJ set with interesting visuals that would react with the music. This approach made the most sense given the fact that Metal Preyers is quite a studio-based record with a lot of heavy production, it plays like a twisted film soundtrack, so the music's inherently cinematic, mysterious and experimental nature influenced the whole AV project, the end result reads like a poetic horror film installation" ~ Jesse Hackett

What was your original vision for this AV show?

"We always imagined the Terror Vision AV project being played in a dark nightclub with a great sound system and a large LED screen projecting visuals, that was the original intention. Given that it's fairly abstract and underground music, most of the visuals were meant to just project impressionist shadows and hypnotic moods in the nightclub environment. I wanted the AV show to immerse people into the humid spirit world of Metal Preyers, submerging people senses into the sinister and atmospheric shadow realm. We never got the chance to perform the album live last year due to the pandemic and all the gigs being canceled, so we decided to release the project as part of the NYEGE NYEGE 2020 live stream festival weekend, we still hope to perform this live one day" ~ Jesse Hackett

How did you begin constructing this AV project?

"I embraced the challenge of learning new technologies and began researching Serato and how to utilise it's VJing capabilities, which allows you to create dynamic DJ video sets. It was a massive learning curve, but highly rewarding because the capabilities of Serato to process and mix multiple visuals together gave rise to all of these accidental mutations and bizarre imagery, this became a really engaging process that allowed for some brilliant mashups. I uploaded all the Metal Preyers music and the footage we amassed in Uganda, and created clips to go with different songs. " ~ Jesse Hackett"

How would you describe the creative process of Terror Vision?

"It was a constant process of recycling, re-inventing, and creating new images out of the pile, all the visuals that were shot were made specifically for Metal Preyers so it was easy to relate to the AV. It's amazing what you can do with a few pieces of material--it was like we rubbed a coin enough that two came out! A lot of the AV inspiration came out of the original videos Peppa and The Caller--so it is more of a longer version of telling that story. A few clips from some of our earlier project 'The Lizards Garden' also tied in nicely and ended up relating to it more than we originally thought it would. Over time when it came to do the AV (which took 8 months of work) it all strung together nicely like a poetic narrative." ~ Mariano Chavez

"We spent ages trying to obtain the right tone for the piece by processing all the raw materials through the illusive Diamond McNabbs "Mangling" machines. This is essentially modular synthesis, running a load of random imagery through all these effect processors, some of it worked and some of it didnt, so we just cherry picked the best parts and built upon them to blend it with everything else in the mix whilst establishing a general visual atmosphere that fit precisely with the dark & subversive music. It was an exercise in seeing what we could create with limited resources, a question of how to keep re-processing and spinning out the same material with different effects until it transformed into something solid. We slowly pieced everything together until it became what it is today." ~ Jesse Hackett

What can we expect from Teeth Agency / Metal Preyers in 2021?

"Many things coming out this year! This January we have a tape coming out with Nyege Nyege Tapes. We are also slowly rolling out our forthcoming release with Stones Throw Records - a double vinyl album. Lots of cool video pieces and art along with that but you will have to keep an eye out. We also have another book and Vinyl with Nyege in the works. Those are just some of the bigger projects and also keep an eye out for Metal Preyers limited cassette release too!" ~ Mariano Chavez

Check the link below to hear the entire Metal Preyers record.