• Denholm Hewlett

[Music/Art] Teeth Agency: You Don't Have To Live In Pain

The creative mavericks behind Teeth Agency (Jesse Hackett & Mariano Chavez) have released four new songs and music videos from their upcoming album "You Don't Have to Live in Pain".

The new double LP is a diverse collection of music produced by Jesse Hackett spanning over six years from many different eras, accompanied with animated visuals created by Mariano Chavez & Diamond McNabb.

The new 14 track album from our resident creatives will drop everywhere on March 12th. This lovingly curated album comes with a signed 24 page art book and is exclusive solely for the first 50 pre-orders. You can pre-order the album and art book here via Stones Throw Records.

~ https://www.stonesthrow.com/store/you-dont-have-to-live-in-pain/

The brand new animated videos for the four singles all possess a highly cosmic and hallucinogenic nature, visually warped psychedelic journeys into the disjointed and enigmatic minds of Teeth Agency. The duo's latest video for the song "Do you Like Bunnies?", has just been released.

The Fazer Folk video treats you to the sinister imagery of an otherworldly black dog creature with over a dozen multi-coloured eyes, morphing and melting like an alien landscape against the backdrop of the burning sun.

Dog (Black) - Painting by Mariano Chavez
"Fazer Folk was composed using a bright red home made three string guitar that Bill Hackett made out of formica with a fake Gibson amp from India. There is a certain medieval quality to the recording, with this undeniable middle eastern, arabic stoner doom psych feel to it." ~ Jesse Hackett

"The painting featured in Fazer Folk, "Dog (Black)", was created around the same time I made works like "Night Shiner". The art style was inspired from the days when I used to copy Japanese drawings as a little kid. I loved the economy of line but the very expressive nature of that balance. It's also feels like a landscape or map of sorts, I wasn't thinking of that at the time but looking back I can see all of these influences." ~ Mariano Chavez

Crazies - Painting by Mariano Chavez

In the video for Many People, a bizarre Dr.Seuss-style character with pale white skin, purple mullet and bloodshot eyes, smokes an enormous jazz cigarette while metamorphic background visuals presents an accurate depiction of the sensation and imagery experienced while tripping on LSD.

"The central character in the Many People video is from when I was working on this comic book called Hee-Pee-Fats. It only got a few panels in, but there was this floating head entity that would introduce the chapter. "Episode 1: Slow Toke" was the piece. Just absurd grotesque stuff. At the time I was thinking about making a stoner art book and in a way I succeed because it was never completed." ~ Mariano Chavez

Many People - Painting by Mariano Chavez

The first single from the new album, ANON, is a slice of uplifting cosmic jazz written in collaboration with producer/songwriter Nathan Jenkins (Bullion) and Mercury Prize-nominated musician ESKA. The song's animated visualiser was based on a drawing of a cloud descending a hill, the idea was to show a constant landscape as things dissolve and evolve over time.

“We wanted to portray a sense of time by capturing millions of years over three minutes. There is something about rebirth and hope in the song, that we felt matched the sentiment of hope humans have held over time.” ~ Mariano Chavez

ANON Artwork - designed by Mariano Chavez
"The song was inspired by listening to devotional records and a conversation with a close friend about how many spiritual church hymnals were composed anonymously. In the modern age of self, the notion of creating selfless unnamed art and music, inspired the lyrics and mood of the piece. I’m not religious but this composition is my take on modern, uplifting and devotional meditation in these times of great uncertainty.” ~ Jesse Hackett

Jesse Hackett & Mariano Chavez

The new Teeth Agency album is a collection of music and art that serves as an overview of disjointed emotions, spanning the whole spectrum from uplifting positivity to complete and utter incendiary madness. Jesse and Mariano believe that it's truly an album that fits the strange times we find ourselves in. Stay Tuned for more Teeth Agency news coming soon!