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[Music/Art] Teeth Agency - Piano Man Breeds Love

Introducing Teeth Agency's new "Lizard-Lounge Jazz" project, their debut album with Stones Throw Records, "Piano Man Breeds Love".

Teeth Agency is the audiovisual brainchild of Musician Jesse Hackett (Owiny Sigoma) and Visual Artist Mariano Chavez (Agent Gallery Chicago). The transatlantic duo have been collaborating for three years. The new album "You Don't Have to Live in Fear" drops March 12th.

Teeth Agency return from their Electro-Ugandan ventures into the Kampala underworld as Metal Preyers to present a much more soulful and smokey album which exemplifies Hackett's musical background in soul, jazz, psych and afro-fusion from his days on Honest Jon's record label. The album was pieced together over the last few years from a collection of various jazz based electronic experiments and solo piano improvisations that carry this hazy, sun-dazed and melancholic drunken piano master vibe to them.

Hackett has described his new project as "Lizard Lounge Jazz, French Noir Sleaze soundtrack, Sinking ship piano improvisations in underwater organ suits." These tracks contain interpolations of compositions by jazz legends such as Bill Evans and Duke Ellington. Imagine Hailu Mergia, Sly Stone and Brian Eno embarking on a bossanova ethiopiques submarine cruise.

Watch this interactive 360' video for "No Laughing No Crying"

~ Listen to the full Teeth Agency EP in the playlist below ~

(Favourites - Monique's Mood & You Don't Know What Love is)

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