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Introducing our new resident creative musician POTÉ - A daring, multi-talented electronic club music producer, singer-songwriter, musician, DJ and live performer, born and raised on the East Caribbean shores of St. Lucia, before relocating to the streets of North West London around age twelve.

POTÉ's poetic, bold and idiosyncratic style of electronic music was influenced by his life-long fascination for the dynamic range of percussive drumming techniques and musical styles from cultures across the globe. This young ascending London-Paris based producer has already managed to establish his own unique culture-merging musical style that explores the saturated darkness and vibrantly melancholic sonic relationship between the United Kingdom and the Caribbean islands, spanning the sounds of tropical psychedelia, twisted break beat, warped hip hop and acid-house.

We are proud to present Poté's brand new single, Pearls, which you can listen to below. I spoke with Poté regarding his latest musical creation and asked him whether this particular release carries a special significance.

"For years I've wanted to create a track that I could DJ and play during my live show with me singing on it. It's proven quite difficult to make something which feels authentic to that idea whilst keeping it simple but it feels like i've finally cracked it with Pearls, so it definitely feels very special to me. It also comes at a time where I've felt the most comfortable with myself to wear and sing about wearing a Pearl necklace (also a reference to my wonderful crew of friends, being all beautiful and richly interesting individuals). Pearls is an ode to the beauty and necessity of the dance-floor and great friendships." - POTÉ

Prior to the release of Pearls, POTÉ release an incredible double club single - Jacquot (Waters of Praslin) & Sirens - as part of his on-go Versiclub series, which strictly focuses on producing and releasing club music and DJ material.

These two songs are an ode to POTÉ's dual upbringing in London and St Lucia, both tracks capture the essence of both places with very different sonic atmospheres and instrumental textures, they both evoke different visuals.

Sirens is the perfect soundtrack for when you're walking the grimy and chaotic streets of London at night as you keep looking over your shoulder, whereas Praslin feels like the backdrop to an unforgettable celebration at the heart of a distant island paradise, where a unknown tragedy takes place, but the groove keeps on going long into the night. Check both tracks below.

Pote's early ventures into creating electronic music started around age 14 when he first started using fruity loops, he was inspired and informed by the sounds of SBTRK, David Bowie, Lil Silva and Branko. He taught himself how to play the drums, just by listening and learning by ear, as he wanted to develop and evolve his sound to become much more percussive in nature. In recent years, Poté's ever expanding electronic musical explorations have seen him collaborate with fellow contemporary artists like Kojey Radical, Africa Express, Gorillaz, Ghetts, Muzi and Bonobo.

In September of 2018, POTÉ released his first triumphant solo record, SPIRAL, MY LOVE. A deeply personal, emotionally complex and darkly introspective record that managed to capture a truly paramount moment in time for the young Paris-based musician/singer. The LP includes features from the likes of Kojey Radical, IZAK, Chelou and Alxndr London. I asked POTÉ how he felt about his debut release, two years after it first breached the airwaves and how he linked up with the guest artists on this project.

If this debut album were a collection of photographs, what do you think it managed to capture and represent for you on a personal level? Have your feelings changed on it over time?

"I honestly haven't listened back to the entire project in quite sometime but the last time I did, I was really surprised at how dark it all felt to me. It's like being in a very vivid dream listening to something so personal to you, that you created. Although there was still some optimism there, so therefore the ultimate photograph of Spiral would be light at the end of the tunnel, Hope! All of the features on the album are artists that i'd consider friends, people who I worked with and spent some time with in the studio around that time." - POTÉ 

I first crossed paths and became friends with POTÉ in January of 2018 during the recording sessions of Africa Express's new EGOLI album in Johannesburg, South Africa. A seven day workshop session where over thirty unique artists from across the globe worked together to produce an album of killer tracks. POTÉ was fundamental in producing one of the album's stand out singles, the bi-lingual posse cut No Games, working in tandem with South African electronic music producer Muzi, featuring vocals from Ghetts, Moonchild Sanelly, Radio123, Sho Madjozi and Laliboi.

How has your sound and outlook as an artist changed since that unforgettable EGOLI trip we shared two years ago, and what people can expect from a POTÉ live show in 2021...

"I'm definitely more self assured in my abilities and direction. I've learnt an immense amount from touring over the last few years, the turning point for me was touring with Georgia Barnes earlier this year on her Seeking Thrills UK tour. See you at a show in 2021 and you'll see and hear from me yourself!. I have a lot more new music coming very soon, keep your ears open!' - Poté

At the start of 2020, POTÉ released two new tracks on his ROSE EP, several months later he followed it up with ROSE - Vol.2 - Check some tracks and a brilliant music video - directed and edited by Alex J Corona.

We will make sure to bring you more news regarding POTÉ's future musical releases and projects. Follow him on instagram @POTÉ, you can stream and consume his music on Bandcamp, Spotify and Apple music respectively.

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