• Denholm Hewlett

[Music/Art] Serpiko - Smoke Break (Official Video)

The debut music video from resident creative SERPIKO.

Psychic Garden is proud to present the new exclusive music video for SMOKE BREAK, the brand new track from SERPIKO, the young and extremely talented multi-instrumentalist producer maestro from London. This new track is taken from his debut album, SLEEP STATE, which is out soon. All of the new music on the upcoming project was performed, recorded, produced, mixed and mastered entirely by SERPIKO during the lockdown limbo of 2020.

The psychedelic multimedia music video for SMOKE BREAK was directed and edited by Denholm Hewlett with SERPIKO. The full SLEEP STATE album is out now and we will cover it fully tomorrow. Until then, light one up, press play and immerse yourself in the sounds of SLEEP STATE

~ Psychic Garden