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[Music] Flaurese

Introducing our new resident creative Flaurese, a rising musical talent fresh off the release of his debut EP - SAKE OF LUST, a refreshingly unique and soulful journey into contemporary rave music. We spoke with the London-based producer on the genesis of this new project and what the future holds.

The release of your debut EP must hold a massive significance for you. It's 'influenced and inspired by love', can you elaborate?

"To me whilst writing them, the songs felt like mental sticky notes for someone's fluctuating moods within a chaotic relationship. Originally they were thought of from a 3rd party perspective but actually seem to connect to my last relationship. This EP feels like my subconscious emotions finding their way into sound."

Flaurese is on a mission with ‘Sake Of Lust’, to extend the scope of dance music by using his St Lucian and French/Guianese heritage to delve deeper into electronic rave culture and cement his own distinctive sound.

"I'm a big fan of this EP, it's new to my ears but on my turntable for life" ~ Lauren Laverne (BBC Radio 6)

Why do you think dance music often gets misconstrued?

"I think for a lot of people when they hear the term "dance music" 'boom and kats' comes to mind with annoying or jarring squeaking sounds. They have a narrow idea of what the style is, when in fact it literally covers so many sub genres which largely influence pop music across the board, it encompasses every genre and musical style imaginable. I think I always worry that my style of production might not be hard enough for the underground and too repetitive for the above. I'd think that the benefit is I can work between both worlds with a personal sound I've come to appreciate more."

What's your favourite part of the creative process?

"If I'm honest, my favourite part of the music process is that moment when you repurpose an old sample or instrument from an older project. It's so easy to rack up 8 bar loop projects but it warms my heart when I can make a 2nd use of something."

Check out the brand new music video for the title track "Sake of Lust" ~ which was directed, shot and edited by resident creative Alex J Corona, who has previously directed music videos for our resident creative musician POTÉ.

Can you discuss the concept behind the new video?

"For this video, I wanted the feeling of being alone in your own thoughts to come across. The uncertainty of whether you'll even like someone or suddenly miss their presence. I took a gamble on picking out two locations from memory and they really illustrated the desolate feeling. The performer / model for Sake Of Lust is my good friend Sian, she was someone I envisioned being in one of my videos a few years ago."

What have been the most informative musical inspirations?

"The earliest memories I can think of would be a mix between dub, Disco and lovers rock. My mum was a huge fan of Dennis Brown. Within electronic music I think Kindness, Sbtrkt, Teed, Sampha and Rusko perfectly sum up my inspiration for making dance music and song writing in general. I aim for a well rounded approach to my production by taking inspiration from music across the spectrum, ranging Parliament Funkadelic to Basement Jaxx, to create my own unique listening experience."

Check out Flaurese's brand new disco dance single "SILK ROBE"

What's the best creative advice you've ever been given?

"The best advice I got was from an actor, he said "You see all these crew, you see all of you acting, you see this whole series, it's all magic, believe in it! Trust me its real" everyone nearly cried of joy and it's stuck with me. You'll have new music from me Nov 13th on Monki's label "& Friends". Stay tuned."

With an all-embracing attitude towards production and a strong love of keyboards it figures Flaurese would form a musical project of sorts. 2020 has finally seen the release of Flaurese’s debut project, more editions of his 'Companera' radio show on Rinse FM along with a number of mesmerising remixes, furthering his quest to leave a bold footprint on the dance floor.






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