[Music] Mdou Moctar

A songwriter and guitarist from Niger, Africa - the genre 'desert rock' probably applies to Mdou Moctar more than any other artist.

Transforming the traditional Taureg music of his saharan roots into spiritually charged electric guitar tracks, he's been nick named the 'Hendrix Of the Sahara' by The Guardian, The Economist and Esquire.

Comparisons with the king of electric guitar are not thrown around lightly - and the african musician has earned his right to this title, especially after the critical success of his most recent album Ilana (The Creator).

A humble demenaour and welcoming smile, what is most refreshing about the saharan rockstar is that he is deeply connected to his roots and culture, you get the sense that he lives and breathes the music that he makes. The video below shows him playing at a wedding in his hometown in Niger.

If you are in need of music that reaches into your soul and fills you with wonder - you need look no further than MDOU MOCTAR.

Check out a selection of his music below ~


- Psychic Garden

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