[Music] The Black Angels

Pioneers of contemporary Psychedlic rock.

Deriving their name from Velvet Underground's song "The Black Angel's Death Song" - the 5 piece mystical ensombre channel the spirit of the 60's, whilst also evolving it to modern times, embracing the style and aesthetic.

They are often described as a modern version of the The Doors, and it's fair to say they have claimed their respected place on the psychadelic hall of fame. The album artworks are masterpieces in themselves, consistently creating a world of mysticism with the lure of entering into esoteric and sacred domains of hypnotic nostalgia and cryptic lyrics, resonating to themes of love and the doube edge sword associated with a journey down the rabbit hole into the unknown.

Check out a collection of their songs below ~

- Psychic Garden

Kingdom_of_the_Holy_Sun_-_16_-_Sihanouk_Artist Name
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