[Poetry/History] MEDEA: a short poetry film by Larry Logun

An interpretation of Pasolini’s 1969 masterpiece film based on the epic Greek tragedy of MEDEA, a powerful figure from the story of the Golden Fleece, who murders her children after the heartbreak of rejection by Jason, travelling the king’s land with his army of heroes the Argonauts, facing battles with skeletons resurrected from the scattering of a hydra's teeth (1300 BC).

Larry Logun is a British born poet and model of Nigerian descent. He is currently working on his first anthology of poems, and in 2020 he graduated from Kingston School of Art studying Fine Art.


Should the gleam of our moon part now,

As yet another darkness falls from the sky?

We dare not call to her sacred name,

But she cannot be bounded by tongue,

For her name is pronounced even in silence,

Eyes reach into tomorrow with sorrow,

So far do our eyes reach,

Stretched over the strait of our souls,

They rest in the sight of legs braided in love once again,

But for now your eyes are a full winter’s song,

Melancholy spills from the downpour of your brimmed soul,

I walked into you as when a rock swims off from the shore,

Thus my feet yearned to walk no more,

Lock your arms around the dark sky,

In hope of holding back blonde dawn,

Men rise like the days of the week,

A stranger of tomorrow; your hands rest like black death,

Pallid teeth clatter together in rhythm,

Savouring behind them the taste of blues,

Your voice is a seed for a daisy tongue,

Breaching through your teeth,

Dawn will come again.


~ Watch the short poetry film, a Psychic Garden project, below ~