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[Music/Film] POTÉ - Young Lies

Psychic Garden are proud to present the new music video from our resident creative POTÉ, for the single 'YOUNG LIES', featuring Damon Albarn.

"A Tenuous Tale of Her" - Album Art

This brand new single is the debut track from Poté's second studio album, "A Tenuous Tale of Her". The full album is scheduled to drop on June 4th.

Poté - "Young Lies" - Photo: Denholm Hewlett
"This video took a lot of love from many people to get across the finish line, so first of all, thank you to everyone. Young Lies has many layers to it which maybe someday we'll get into but for now, make your own memories with it. Love" ~ POTÉ

This new music video was directed and edited by the talented Alex J Corona, who also directed music videos for Poté's 'Lonely' and Flaurese's 'Sake of Lust'. We spoke with Alex about his experiences directing this project and the challenges he faced while bringing this ambitious video to life.

Poté - "Young Lies" - Photo: D.H.

What was your experience like directing this new music video? What did you learn from the process and what did it mean for you on a personal level?

Sylvern is one of my closest friends and when he first approached me to direct the video for the first track of his new debut album, I was equal parts honoured and apprehensive. The whole theatre aesthetic was something Sylvern had talked about a lot and so I wanted to play with that even if we couldn't afford the full Victorian theatre we had envisioned.

Poté - "Young Lies" - Photo: Jesse Olu
The budget was small for a full production and the timeline was pretty tight. I knew it would mean taking on a lot of responsibility and roles - prop sourcing, art direction, co-producing, locations, styling and more. My team would have to be small and doubling up on their own roles. I would need to rely on friends and favours to elevate the production value.

Poté - "Young Lies" - Photo: D.H.
At the end of the day I wanted to be bold, but still work within our limitations. It meant spreading myself very thin as a director, and I worried about everything that might slip out of my control. But sometimes you look at these moments and you think - its worth it. It's not just a video, it's a moment we will look back on years from now. It would be hard, but we could get it done.

Damon Albarn - "Young Lies" - Photo: D.H.
We did the shoot in one frantic, all too short night. Almost everything went wrong. The curtains were trying their best to take off down the river (I had my producer and a few friends holding them down from the back). The 1970s Ford Corsair I had borrowed from my friend Ry, overheated mid take....Then the lights cut out and our focus motor controlling our zoom malfunctioned, taking two hours to sort out. The time I had initially planned for rehearsal. It all resulted in having to frantically shoot as much as possible in the last hour and a half.

Alex J Corona & Poté on Set - Photo: Jesse Olu
We made it work through sheer force of will and pivoting wherever we could. As a director that is frustrating, because the vision has to adapt and change and its hard letting go of the "could have beens". But after it's all said and done, and with all the time and effort people put in, I'm really proud of what we achieved. Can't thank everyone who was involved enough, especially my DOP Vincenzo Marranghino. Champion.

Poté - "Young Lies" - Photo: D.H.

If you loved the video, check out the behind the scenes (watch below):

We will be bringing you updates regarding POTÉ's future releases... until then you can watch his performance of 'Open Up' on COLORS.

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