• Brady Williams

Psychic Garden Podcast - Jaiia Cerff (Artivism, Motivation, & Enoughness)

Welcome to the third episode of our podcast series hosted by resident creative Brady Williams. Over multiple episodic instalments, Brady will be engaging in vital conversations with talented artists, entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists and spiritual teachers from across the globe.

Jaiia Cerff is a musical prodigy who at 20, performed at Red Rocks, he’s also represented Australia at the COP 21 climate conference and is a consultant for some of the planets most innovative tech companies. He's the co founder of Generation Now, a project empowering indigenous projects around the world to sequester millions of tons of carbon. He comes from a fascinating gypsy childhood, spending his baby years travelling with his mother living with locals from horse farms in Turkey to the desert plains of Mexico.

In this podcast we explore the dance between motivation and beingness and leveraging the spirit of the artist to create catalysts in the powers that be. Jaiia shares his vision on how systems are emerging to meet the demands of living in a harmonic society through having platforms that uplift the voices of artists who help us see a world that is more beautiful.

~ Check out Episode Three of the Podcast below! (57 mins) ~

Check some of Jaiia's music that he produced for VOICE RUNNERS below

Link for the full VOICE RUNNERS album on Spotify is below


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