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[Sustainability] Partnership with One Tree Planted

To celebrate our launch, we have partnered with One Tree Planted to create a fundraiser with the aim of planting 1000 trees. £1 = 1 tree

We have donated the first £100 ourselves, so we're already 1/10th of the way to reaching our target!

Help us reach this goal by visiting our fundraiser and clicking donate. https://businesspartners.raisely.com/t/psychic-garden

Through investing in reforestation, individuals and organisations can positively contribute to the change that we want to see in the world. At a time of climate crisis, it’s a simple yet effective response we can make.

The benefits are wide reaching: from absorbing Co2 and creating oxygen (helping to mitigate global warming), to building soil fertility, boosting water quality, enabling agriculture, and supporting job creation.

By supporting pre-existing social tree planting initiatives, Psychic Garden contributes to reforestation in a number of locations over the world including

You can also contribute to reforestation by using the web browser ECOSIA, a search engine based on google’s algorithm that plants trees with search revenue, you can click their emblem that is found at the bottom of our page.


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