• Brady Williams

Psychic Garden Podcast - Cheriii (The Science of Sound Healing)

Welcome to the first instalment of the Psychic Garden podcast, hosted by resident creative Brady Williams. Over four unique episodes, Williams will be engaging in vital conversations with various artisans, entrepreneurs, musicians, scientists and spiritual teachers from across the globe.

The first guest on the new podcast series is Cheriii, an award winning singer and sound scientist from France who is currently working on her feature album. Her unique compositions have been conceived for the first time in the history of pop music to enhance your BHMSS - Body & Heart & Mind Sensory System. In this podcast she informs us of all the latest scientific discoveries in sound vibrational technology to heal tumours and others ailments. She explains techniques on how we can use sound within our own body to harmonise with our purpose and manifest our dream reality.

~ Listen to the first episode of the podcast below (50 minutes) ~

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